Healing Pearl ( 2 included)
    Healing Pearl ( 2 included)
    Healing Pearl ( 2 included)
    Healing Pearl ( 2 included)
    Healing Pearl ( 2 included)
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    The pearl is a holistic option used to help regulate vaginal health issues and to improve overall gynecological problems.

    It is a small brown pill containing all natural carefully selected and researched organic herbs.

    The pearl, once absorbed into the body vaginally, draws out waste and aids in overall womb wellness and cleansing by working with the body to expel contents that may be working against a healthy flourishing womb and vagina.

    It is important to note that everyone's physical condition and response are different, so the effects and time after using Yoni Pearl will vary due to individual differences.


     🛍️Included: 2 healing pearls individually wrapped 

                         2 Pearls completes 1 full treatment 

    Ingredients :


    🌿Notoginseng Root

    🌿Read Sage Root


    🌿Peach Kernel





    🌿Dragon’s Blood


    Main Uses:
    Irregular Period    
    Cervical erosion        
    Bacterial Vaginosis
    Fibroids/ ovarian cyst
    Blocked fallopian tubes
    Tightens and heal erosive skin   
    ✅Abnormal vaginal discharge/odour 
    Spiritual release from previous partners  
    ✅Encouraging blood flow and energy movement in the uterus

    ✅Removes old matter left from Miscarriage and abortions 

    Encouraging blood flow and energy movement in the uterus

    Removing old matter from the vagina and the uterus

    Increase in vaginal wetness and vaginal tightness

    1.Wash your hands and take 1 pearl out from the pack and untie the thread,lay on your back or squat to insert
    2.Using your middle finger insert the pill into your vagina 6cm, leaving the thread outside the vagina 
    3.Leave the pearl inside for 48 hours (2 days) without removing. No need to remove whilst Urinating and showering
    4. After after 48 hours (2 days) gently remove the pearl and take a break. You will notice some discharge and the pearl is slightly bigger than before . This is where the absorption of toxins and bad bacteria were secreted/ extracted, . Ensure you shower after removing pearl.
    5. Take a break for 24 hours, within that time do expect to see thick discharge being expelled from your vagina.
    6.Insert the 2nd pearl and leave for 48 hours. (repeat step 3&4) 
    7.It may seem a bit awkward seeing discharge coming out from inside you,you may even feel a sense of relief; bare in mind that this is a very good sign that you are releasing and purging anything that needs to be released. Allow discharge to fully clear before engaging in sex give yourself at least 3 days.

    Important :  
    We recommend completing one full treatment cleanse per month, two pearls completes one full treatment cleanse.
    For more serious issues continue using the pearl per month until further improvements.
    Once the treatment is completed do expect your ovarian androgen secretion of hormones to return to normal level, which will regulate your energy and blood flow.

    Our pearl can also be used by women who have experience traumatic sexual relations and women who have recently gone through a divorce or heartbreak.
    The pearl serves as a starting point of release,renewal and self care.

    *Please follow our guide for best times to use the pearl*


    ⚠Do not use pearl pearl if you have the contraceptive coil

    ⚠Not to be used whiles menstruating 
    ⚠May experience mild belly cramps 
    ⚠Virgin, pregnant and lactating women should not use 
    ⚠Should not engage in sexual intercourse whiles on the pearl  
    ⚠The pearl should not substitute for medical treatment  
    ⚠Pearl should not be used to treat sexually transmitted diseases

    ⚠Do not use if your hymen is intact

    ⚠Yeast infection may occur due to PH balance being affected whiles on pearl this is part of the purging process 
    ⚠Consult your GP if you are not sure this product is right for you 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 33 reviews
    If hesitant give it a try

    Well I’ve been buying from yonisecret for some years now. And I never tried the pearls because I had a bad experience with another brand. But after a horrible situation I thought let me try it. I used just 1 pearl I left it in for 2 days and the “stuff” that came out was interesting almost like old issue, i had reoccurring itching/thrush that I just didn’t know what was causing it well it’s GONE. I must say because I’m sensitive it did irritate my opening probably because the stuff was coming out but i trusted the process and after a week or purging and incorporating the yoni steam. I feel brand new, my libido is backkkkk and I’m 💦 ! Definitely going to use the pearls every couple of months

    100% gentle, 100% effective, 100% natural

    Honeyyyyy! Let me tell you about your products 😄😄 these pearls are hands down the best! Not only is the odour completely gone, but the 2 vulval cysts are gone, Miss kitty feels lighter did I mention the odour is gone!

    Honestly thank you soo much. I'm so glad I found you.

    The best healing pearl

    The best pearls I’m amazed what one little pearl have such a huge effect of the womb highly recommended, the best thing that ever happened to me.🫶🏾


    It’s amazing what these naturally get out of you! I’m on my Yoni journey and I don’t think I’ll ever not use these products!


    Retuning customer never disappoints