Meet The Yoni Boss - Lee

    “I just knew: it felt right. Ever since the idea came to me to raise awareness of finding holistic ways to improve feminine hygiene, I knew that this was a journey I had to pursue.

    Throughout the past few years, I have come across so many women who shared issues they were going through with me, such as endometriosis, infertility and vaginal dryness – issues that their doctor couldn’t resolve. It made me question why. Why doesn’t the health system we rely on provide holistic solutions?

    Questions arise, I had to ask myself what is real and meaningful to me; how can I resonate the truth about our yoni with others. I wanted to be able to attract the people who are looking for healthier solutions to help with their issues.

    I came to the realisation that good vaginal health is unfortunately not as common as it should be. Many women are suffering in silence with underlying vaginal issues and there are few holistic options available. I knew I had to help and to be of service to others. Mother nature is so powerful she has given us all the ingredients we need to be able to heal ourselves with natural herbs.

    The influence of modern day social media places a strong emphasis on cosmetic surgery, high-quality wigs, lashes, nails, and designer clothing, which in essence are things we women all enjoy. However there is little, if any mention of the importance of women taking good care of their reproductive organs, including the uterus and vagina.A case study carried out by myself proved that out of all 25 men they all agreed that "Great Pussy Is Key" 

    My determination meant that I had to build up the courage to be authentic and vulnerable, to create connections and a platform that will bring forth natural products that women can easily access. 

    I want all women to know that they are special and are blessed with a reproductive system that brings forth life. The Yoni Secret is driven by a desire to serve and uplift, to create change, and to encourage women to connect to their feminine power.