Full Body Detox Blend
    Full Body Detox Blend
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    Full Body Detox Blend
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    This powerful detox blend has been formulated to target the major organs in the body that are in charge of eliminating toxins.Drinking this full detox blend will provide you with an internal cleanse and will purify the body.
    The average person has an over-toxic waste accumulation in their body. 
    This causes them to gain weight, develop parasites, and a build-up of mucus in the body which tends to manifest into diseases and illnesses.
    The average person consumes food that is genetically modified and filled with MSG (flavor enhancer), artificial food coloring, artificial sweeteners, the list goes on.
    It is very important that we prioritize detoxing our body for optimal health. We suggest doing four full body detox per year ,Usually with the changes of the seasons.❄️🍂🌱🌞

    List of ways this full detox will benefit you:
    ✅Weight Loss 
    ✅Get rid of toxins 
    ✅Cleanse the blood
    ✅Improved sleep
    ✅Aids in digestive issues 
    ✅Rid the body of free radicals
    ✅Better immune system 
    ✅Reduced fatigue
    ✅Get rid of worms/ parasites
    ✅Better skin tone 
    ✅Helps with gas and bloating 

    ☕️How to prepare  :
    Take one tablespoon and add it to a cup, pour hot boiling water over it and leave to simmer. Drink one cup in the morning before having breakfast and one cup in the night after dinner, before going to bed. Do this for 7 - 14 days. 
    During your detox please consume lots of water, alongside fresh fruits and vegetables. Stay away from foods high in starch and fried food. 
    ✍🏾We highly recommend incorporating our Seamoss and Iron tea whiles detoxing. 
    Our seamoss contains 92 essential minerals found in the human body and our Iron tea will give you that much-needed energy boost. 

    List of some of the best Herbs that are known to detox:
    🌿Holy Basil 
    🌿Cassia alata 
    🌿Seed under leaf 

    Be in the know 😉👇🏽
    🌸All herbs are naturally grown and harvested in St.Lucia 
    🌸All herbs are free from chemicals and pesticides 
    🌸All herbs are organic 
    🌸Safe for children to consume to detox from an early age 
    🌸Safe to drink if you are breastfeeding 
    🌸Safe to drink you have heart conditions or health complications 

    Warning Do Not Use If:
    🚨If you are not sure this product is right for you, Consult with your GP or do your own independent research on each herb listed. 
    🚨Do not drink if you are allergic to any herbs listed 
    🚨If you are currently pregnant 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    Little story… Was sick for over 3 weeks with a bad bad flu, However I got this wonderful detox and when I mean it helped me, before this I could not even stand up I had no strength, (YES ITS BITTER) But listen it had me feeling myself in no time, Made me loose weight and I dont crave for sweet things which I was shocked. Listen RUN &Buy this its good for your body and you will see wonderful results. Thank you my babes because it was worth every bitter taste🤍


    When I was told that this tea is bitter, I never anticipated how BITTER it was! I’m sure it got even more bitter every time I drank it!
    I’m used to having detox teas for a flush out but it always meant that I would have to release my bowels. However, with this detox tea, I’d always have to pee (which I prefer)!

    Once you get past the bitterness, I promise you, you will notice the change in your body - as long as you’re continually drinking water and being more mindful of what you’re consuming. When I look in the mirror, I can see the difference and I honestly feel relieved knowing that I’m getting rid of the toxins that I’ve been harbouring for a while.

    This is a great investment for my vitality and I’ll definitely be buying this again!

    Thanks, sis! 💕