Yoni Steaming Blend
    Yoni Steaming Blend
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    You will be delighted to know that yoni steaming is not a new discovery, but in fact a practice done by the ancient women of Africa and Asia as part of their medical,cleansing and healing of the vagina.This practice was done as part of their sacred feminine routine.

    Our blend contains 10 different natural organic herbs which has been specially selected and sourced.You will enjoy all the natural goodness from the herbs which will serve to heal from within. Yoni steaming is known to have some amazing benefits on your intimate area.

    ✔Aids with fertility
    ✔Gets rid of bad vagina odour
    ✔Helps regulate menstrual cycles
    ✔Decreases menstrual pain
    ✔Perfect for Postpartum care 
    ✔Aids in Peri-menopause & menopause symptoms 
    ✔Helps get rid of Endometriosis

    ✔Increases libido
    ✔Helps get rid of yeast & other bacterial infections
    ✔Spiritual cleanse of previous partners
    ✔Helps balance Ph levels 
    ✔Increase in vaginal wetness and vaginal tightness

    🌿Calendula      🌿Raspberry Leaf    
    🌿Mugwort        🌿Oregano 
    🌿Lavender       🌿Motherwort
    🌿Basil              🌿Rosemary
    🌿Rose petal     🌿Albiza
    Instructions :
    1.Add half the herbs from the pack Into your yoni seat and pour hot boiling water 
    2.Allow the herbs to simmer for 2-3mins while you wrap yourself around your waist with your blanket /Yoni gown to keep the heat from escaping. 
    3.Finally sit/stoop over the herbs for 15-20 mins .

    Warning Do Not Use If :
    ⚠You are pregnant or think you maybe pregnant 
    ⚠Have Kidney disease 
    ⚠On your menstrual cycle 
    ⚠Consult your GP if you are not sure this product is right for you 

    ⚠Steaming should not be used as a substitute to treat sexually transmitted diseases 

    External use only .We recommend steaming  1 week before your period and 2-3 days after your period.
    Do ensure you carry out this practice in a clean,peaceful environment,without being disturbed .
    Most importantly enjoy your steaming experience. Lit a scented candle,dim the lights,play some soothing music, read a book whatever it is you may choose, do remember to relax and use this time to meditate, reflect and to be present within yourself.
    Yoni steaming is a pleasant experience,Your vagina will flourish and you will feel a lovely sensation.We Recommend using the our yoni oil to moisturise and massage your intimate area afterwards.




    Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 32 reviews
    The best thing for the womb

    I’ve been steaming for years, but this steaming product is the best thing that ever happened to me, it have so much benefit to the womb, and have done wonders it mines. I love steaming twice a month it helps my health problems and I highly recommend every woman to start steaming with Yoni Steaming Blend.🙏🏾😘


    Love these products

    Love the smell

    I use this week before and after period just for relaxing purposes. The smell is amazing. Reminders me of lavender infused defuser in my yoga classes. Also helps to sooth period cramps. Can’t get enough of it.


    I’m so happy I came across this product it has done wonders feeling wonderful🙌🏾🙌🏾


    All I will say use with caution ⚠️ you will need metal panties to keep your man away! This has now been part of my monthly routine! I absolutely love the product.