Female Detox Womb Tea
    Female Detox Womb Tea
    Female Detox Womb Tea
    Female Detox Womb Tea
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    Female Detox Womb Tea
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    A powerful selection of herbs from the Tropical island of St Lucia has been specifically formulated to bring you a unique tea that helps to rejuvenate, cleanse, replenish and tone the womb.

    Perfect for women who have:

    Just given birth


    Infertility Issues

    Had an abortion

    Unbalanced Hormones

    Irregular Periods/Bleeding

    Recently got off contraceptives

    Diagnosed womb conditions

    ✅Suffering from blood clots

    ✅Menopausal womem

    ✅Had an STI

    ✅Traumatic sexual experience

    ✅Recently got off contraceptives

    Women who are experiencing issues such as PCOS,Endometriosis,Fibroids,Cyst

    How To Prepare:

    Steep one tea bag into a mug of hot boiling water for 5 mins and drink once you wake up in the morning or drink right before going to bed. Drink consecutively for 14 days.

    List Of Herbs Included:

    🌿Bay Leaf



    🌿St John Bush

    🌿Red Raspberry

    🌿Cinnamon leaves

    🌿Periwinkle flowers

    🌿Damiana Flowers

    Be in the know 😉👇🏽

    🌸Tea can be used whiles breastfeeding and menstruating

    🌸Tea can be used a day after giving birth 

    🌸Drink tea in the evening before going bed or first thing in the morning before having breakfast 

    🌸Increase your water intake throughout the day

    🌸we recommend drinking tea for 14 consecutive days or every other day 

    Warning Do Not Use If :

    🚨You are pregnant or think you maybe pregnant

    🚨Consult your GP if you are not sure this product is right for you

    🚨Do not drink if you are allergic to any of the herbs listed 






    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Fibroids cure

    I was diagnosed with fibroids many years ago and been suffering from serious fibroids pain, painful periods, heavy clot bleeding with everyday cramps you name it. I started the tea at first and was not really serious. I went back couple months ago for a new ultrasound scan, to hear my fibroids has grown bigger than usual. I decided to order more warm tea, pearls and steaming products now I’m on a mission and decided to be consistent. I did that for three months all was going well one day i was having a shower i discovered that i was bleeding and things were dropping out of me in blood clot and blood was dropping and running out from me when my period was finish I’m thinking what’s going on, I didn’t get panic but phone up the CEO of the Yoni secret and spoke to her she explained to me that the fibroids is coming out, went for my ultrasound appointment the next day they then detect on the scan that the fibre is shrinking…🙏🏾 Moral to my story is that the womb tea does works, it works also great with the combination of steaming and pearling and been happy.🫶🏾

    Helps with Fibroids

    I recently discovered I had Fibroids and Ovarian cyst and was suffering from painful periods and back pain, for the last two years. I recently came across yonisecrets and decided to try the womb tea. This tea is amazing, this product is all natural and really helped me with my painful periods/bleeding. I am on my second purchase. Anyone who is going through issues surrounding fibroids/cysts, please do not give up. There so many methods that can help you heal and manage your symptoms. This tea is a great example.

    Womb detox tea

    This is amazing and I have already seen a difference in my periods carnt wait yo get some more


    The only thing that helps with my fibroids and my irregular periods

    Kerry-ann Reid
    The Best

    I suffer from fibroids very aggressive fibroids when I come on my monthly period I normally go for an entire month without stopping sometimes even more. The womb tea is.the only thing that helps to make my flow normal and it also helps with bloating.. I would recommend this product to anyone really good